NFT crowdfunding made easy

Crowdhero is a platform built to help creators kickstart for their next NFT projects

NFT crowdfunding made easy
How it work

Create your project and start crowdfunding

Connect wallet

Crowdhero is currently working with Metamask wallet, more wallet options will be available soon

Create a project

Start by letting your potential backers about your art direction, sample artwork, project’s goals...

Setup your own payment schedule

Payment schedule can be flexible and divided into different installments, instead of 100% upfront

Update your backers

Regularly update your backers and community about your progress

Reward your backer

Reward backers with your NFT once the project is done

Continue your project

Once you are done with your collection, you can continue to use Crowdhero to mint more NFT to sell

Partnered Marketplaces

Submit your project !

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